Water Oak Farms

Owners: Rick & Sheli Perry
Route 2 Box 2079A
Starke, Florida 32091

The Perry Family consists of Dad (Rick), Mom (Sheli), Ricky, Christopher, Mehgan, Justin and Janie. The entire family participates in the active operation of the farm, even the two small fries. Each member has specific chores that he or she is responsible for. Sheli and I both feel strongly that including the children in this manner teaches the lesson that hard work is necessary in achieving one's dreams. As a result, we can proudly say that Water Oak Farms is truly a family-run enterprise. Come see for yourself that country living is all it's cracked up to be!

A couple of the kids and Mom enjoying a day off!

Both my wife and I were born and raised here in Florida. While she lived here all of her life, my family moved to the Southwest when I was twelve, ultimately settling in Gallup, New Mexico. After graduating from High School and attending New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico, I found myself back in Florida. After getting married and working as a software engineer for several large financial corporations, Sheli and I finally realized that the 'big city' was not the environment we wanted to raise our children. Living in Jacksonville at the time, we scouted the surrounding towns and communities for land where we could raise our family. We chose Bradford County because the area was a farming and ranching community. We love the rural atmosphere and 'down-home' attitudes of it's citizens. The local school system still believed that the three Rs were the basis for a good education and the teachers still enjoyed their roles as mentors for the children. All in all, we feel this was the place we were meant to set down roots. Since making that decision, we have never looked back. Today, we thank God each day for his abundant blessings. We have a business we enjoy, responsible and loving children, Grandparents living close by, neighbors who are good friends, a fine church and a community intent on maintaining the beliefs that this great country was based upon. We urge you to come out and visit our neck of the woods!

The study of Genealogy is important to us. We feel that the family history should be made available to the children. If they know where they came from, they are more inclined to know where they are going. We have researched our genealogy back to our GGGG-Grandfather, Joseph Perry. We are still searching for more information, but one thing we know for sure; We have always been and will always be proud Southern Patriots! You may click on the link Joseph Perry to see additional Perry family genealogy information.

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Ancestor Birth Date Place of Birth Death Date Place of Death
Joseph Perry --- --- 1823 Laurens County, Georgia
Joseph L. Perry --- Halifax County, NC 1845 Dooley County, Georgia
Redmon A. Perry Jul 18, 1843 Dooley County, Georgia 1916 Ochlocknee,
Thomas County, Georgia
Allison Smith Perry Jan 01, 1875 Randolph County, Georgia Dec 13, 1956 Quitman,
Brooks County, Georgia
Robert Lee Perry Jan 19, 1902 Quitman,
Thomas County, Georgia
Apr 15, 1980 Groveland,
Lake County, Florida


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